About OUr Group

We are a group of fiber designers, crafters and friends that enjoy anything to do with yarn or fabric! We gather together to share ideas, advice and sometimes just the drama of our lives.

As the wool turns is meant as a sharing platform. It gives us an additional way to show our work, patterns and tutorials for others that may be interested.

The talents that members of our group share include crochet and knitting, sewing, embroidery, pattern creation and alteration and many more. We are a selective group but not exclusive. We welcome those that also have a passion and interest in sharing their talents.


Nice to meet you! Let me introduce the rest of my friends.

White angora bunny in grass


All things knit, spinning queen and angora momma..

Cartoon frog with yarn and crochet hook


Will try all things crochet, Amigurumi fan, and frogging queen.

Beige angora bunny

Lovely Misty

Angora bunny and Alpaca Momma, and spinning queen.

Pile of hats and scarves

UnTinkable Tina

Expert crochet lady, Knit Knut and number one Tinkerer